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Thank you for visiting and dining in New York City.

Here, in our city of over 20,000,000 people, millions of meals are served all day long.  In The Big Apple, everyone can find a bite to suit their appetite and inclination.

True, the bills for an average meal can be potentially, as high as anywhere else in the world.  The fare can also be equally royal and decadent and may not always have an incredible price tag associated with the experience.

My wife and I live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  We are both world travelers and generally eat two or three meals a day.  We and our local chefs have access to excellent quality international raw foods from around the globe, and regularly prepare meals from scratch.  Because of 0ur global dining experiences, we tend to eat a wide variety of foods.

We seek out best quality and rate in terms of:

  • Cleanliness
  • Served food freshness
  • General Presentation
  • Flavors
  • Portions
  • Price
  • Service

The Zagat system of rating is an excellent way of finding general information about locations, however, we at NYC INTL offer first hand fresh advice on great restaurants.  When you are looking for fun cuisine we offer you an international direction.

Here you can find a list of our favorite restaurants and the reasons why we had a great experience.

We will try and not post negative comments about experiences at other less favorable restaurants, and rather focus on where to go, rather than waste time about where not to go.

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Likewise, if you feel like our review is in error, please feel free to log in for free and submit your experience, and we will take your experiences into account and evaluate each case on a per meal basis.

It is a pleasure dining with you New York City.  Here we have enjoyed many, many satisfying meals and we are so grateful, we have decided to share our good fortune with you.


New York City International Restaurant Review for:

Luke’s Lobster

Lukes Lobster New York City International Resturant Review

Our first recommendation is for Luke’s Lobster in the Upper East Side and other NYC Locations.

Luke’s Lobster, since it’s opening, has had a line out the door.  Their food is so good, they regularly sell out of fresh soups and gumbos so be sure and ask what is fresh and in stock.

We normally order the Lobster Bisque if available, and sample either their Shrimp Roll, Crab Roll, or Lobster Roll.

I order mine without mayo, but it normally comes mixed with a light coating of seasoned mayo on a toasted bun.

I recommend adding their locally brewed Blueberry Point Soda and a bag of organic BBQ potato chips to round out a combo meal for less money.

NYC INTL New York City International Resturant Review Luke's Lobster

Pro’s: Fresh local Lobster and Seafood delivered or dine in!

Con’s: Might be a wait for delivery and or to find seating

  • A ~ Cleanliness
  • A ~ Served food freshness
  • A ~ General Presentation
  • A ~ Flavors
  • A ~ Portions
  • B ~ Price
  • B ~ Service

Overall, Luke’s Lobster rates a A average in our opinion, meaning, we recommend them for your dining pleasure.  When you can’t think of what to eat, and can budget a bit more for the meal, take your friend or family out or in for fresh Seafood and enjoy!

We will keep you informed with e updates of our favorite local NYC International restaurants.

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